About Prime

What is Cooltra Prime?

It´s a new motosharing service offered by Cooltra, faster and sustainable, using electric BMW scooters that reach speeds of 120km/h and have a range of up to 100km.

What is the difference between Cooltra Prime and eCooltra?

To use Cooltra Prime you need to download a new app. The first major difference is that instead of having the scooters in the street, the Prime scooters are parked in private parkings. The second difference is that the BMW scooters are plugged in while parked and need to be plugged in when returned.

What is Prime Motosharing?

It´s a shared premium and sustainable experience that allows a user to take trips in a faster and eco-friendly way between key points near the city such as the airport, nearby cities, train stations or other companies situated outside of the city.


Is Cooltra Prime in my city?

The launch of Cooltra Prime is in Barcelona and we foresee the expansion of the service in nearby cities.


Who can use these scooters?

Drivers aged at least 25 that have the A2 licence.

How does it work?

Download the Cooltra Prime app and look for your scooter in the closest parking. Reserve your BMW, unplug it, open the seat, put the helmet on and start your trip.

How do I register in Cooltra Prime?

Download the app from the Google Play or AppStore and follow the registration steps. You need to have your driver´s licence, ID card and credit/debit card available.

How can I cancel my account?

If you want to cancel your account, get in touch with our customer service by emailing us at prime@cooltra.com.

About the driving experience

When can I use the service?

In the initial phase, the Cooltra Prime service will be available every day from 6:00 am in the morning to 1:00 am the following morning, except for holiday days when the service will be closed.

How do I start the scooter?

Press the POWER button, push the brake lever and the red start button and start your ride. If the handlebar is blocked, you need to press the POWER button twice.

Can I take passengers?

Yes, you can take 1 passenger, there is an additional helmet available inside the top case.


Do I have to bring my own helmet?

It´s not required, the scooters come with two helmets: one under the seat and the other one in the top case. You will find open head helmets with a sun visor.

Can other people drive with my user?

No, only you can drive using your account. Allowing other people to drive with your account will be penalized with a fine, according to our general Terms and Conditions.

Am I insured?

Yes, we have third party insurance and road assistance. You can contact the insurance any time you need to.

What do I do in case of an accident?

You need to fill in the accident form that you will find inside the scooter together with the scooter´s papers. Remember to also call us as soon as possible, we´ll support you with the process.

What happens if my phone runs out of battery?

Your phone always needs to be charged before starting a trip. In case your phone has low battery, the BMW scooters come with a phone holder that is also a wireless charger, you can use it to recharge your phone.

Can I drive wherever I want to?

Yes, you can drive anywhere you want while obeying the traffic rules and the speed limits from each zone. Remember that you are driving an electric scooter with a range of up to 100 km.

Can I drive if there are traffic restrictions due to contamination?

Yes. These scooters are 100% electric and they meet the Low Emissions Zone Regulations for the year 2020.

Can I stop temporarily during my trip?

You can pause your trip anytime. You need to lock the handlebar of the scooter when leaving it parked and pause the trip from the app. When returning, you need to resume your trip from the app.


What do I do with the scooter once my ride has ended?

When you are inside the parking, find your way to the Cooltra Prime zone and plug in the scooter. Store the helmets, power down the scooter, block the handlebar and press the end trip button in the app.

What can I do if I cannot end my ride?

Ensure the seat is closed, the scooter is plugged in, the power (display) is off and you are parked in the correct zone of the parking. If you still cannot end trip, get in touch with us.

Prices and promotions

How much do I need to pay to register?

The registration to Cooltra Prime is free.

How much do I pay to use the service?

It´s 19€ the first hour, with 1,50€ additional for every 5 minutes of rental and 0,10€ additional for every minute of pause.

Can there be additional charges?

The battery charge, insurance, helmets and the maintenance are included in the price you pay in Prime. Nevertheless, in some situations there may be an additional charge due to infractions caused by the user.


Parking and fines

What happens if there are no available spaces in the Cooltra Prime zone?

Go to the regular scooters places from inside the parking and park your scooter next to the other scooters. Get in touch with us to end your trip.

What happens if I commit an infraction and I get fined?

During the time you are using the scooters you are responsible for the infractions that are committed. Our team will identify the user who is responsible, the user will receive the fine and will be made responsible for the charge.