How does it work

Reserve your scooter

Select your BMW scooter from the closest parking and reserve it. You have 15 minutes to reach your scooter and start the trip. Advice: you can see more info about the parking by clicking on its icon.

Find your scooter

Look in the app for the number plate of your scooter and match it with the real scooter.

Start ride

Press start ride in the app, unplug your scooter and look for the helmet under the seat. If you need the second helmet, take the key from under the seat and open the top case.

How to open the top case?

Under the seat you will see a key. Use it to open the top case by turning it 90º to the right and pushing it hard. A lever will pop out. Put your hand in the hole behind the lever and pull toward you.

How to close the top case?

To close it, lower the top part, close the lever and turn the key toward the Close position. Put the key back under the seat.

Ride your BMW!

Press the POWER button to unlock the handlebar. Now push the same button again to start the scooter and its display. Brakes, red start button and enjoy the ride!

Where do I park the scooter?

Look for one of the Cooltra Prime parkings. Get close to the barrier´s tickets machine, the barrier will open by itself. Now go to the Cooltra Prime zone, plug in your scooter using the closest charger and finalize your trip in the app.